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A Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts DR

Ultimania: A Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts DR
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What once was normal in your world is suddenly not.

Go on. Take that first step through that door, or through that entrance way. Take your second in another realm.

This is Ultimania, an ever-shifting plane of reality where nothing remains the same. Everything changes from the city or town you encounter, to changes made to you personally. You might find yourself in the Slums of Midgar only to enter a new door and walk out into the streets of Agrabah.

One day you might find yourself acting completely opposite to yourself or discovering you have new physical features? Perhaps that dog tail doesn’t normally belong on your person? Or those dragonfly wings?

Don't worry, these changes won't last long. Just stick it out and they'll fade sooner or later.

Just like how the setting will transition into something anew the next time you walk through a new door.

Come on, then, go through that seemingly normal door.

Ultimania awaits your arrival.

A Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Dressing Room, Ultimania’s concept is that every two weeks the setting changes. Each setting is a location from a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game. It might be Besaid from Final Fantasy X for two weeks and then Kingdom Hearts' The World That Never Was for the next two weeks before the setting changes again.

But that’s not all, during each setting, a one-week event will occur that effects the characters directly. This is entirely optional (unless it’s a monster invasion) for players to take part in.

Canon, Alternate Universe, Duplicates and some Original Characters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart Games are all invited. As long as they are tied to a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game, we allow it. Want to play King Mickey? Go for it. Maleficient? Even better. Auron? Fantastic. Luneth? Sure, we’d love you. Want to play a Cloud Strife who took on Sephiroth’s role? We look forward to your arrival!

Original Characters however should be distinct from the canon cast. Don’t cast them in the main Hero or Villain role. Don’t be a Mary Sue or Gary Stu. Try to be different from cast. Being friends with them are fine but their main love interest during the game? Sorry, we won’t allow that. Original Characters from Final Fantasy XI, however, are very encouraged.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy XIII characters are also much loved at Ultimania.

So what are you waiting for? The next fantasy awaits in Ultimania.

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